At Dinotrans Corporation, we’re not just about moving products from point A to point B. We’re passionate about helping businesses and individuals achieve their goals by providing reliable and efficient shipping solutions.


At Dinotrans Corporation, we don’t just move your stuff, we make logistics fun! We’re not your average logistics company – we like to think of ourselves as your logistics party planners.

Think about it: shipping your goods can be stressful and overwhelming, but with Dinotrans Corporation, we take the hassle out of logistics and add a little bit of fun to the mix.

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We import used trucks , Volvo , Scania , Man and also other Brand / type Like Mercedes Unimog , Volvo Truck with crane , Semi-Trailers Frigo or Standard Curtain Trailer , Containers , service tools , Spare parts and accessories ,.


We are wholesaler and dealer , we negotiate , distribute and deal at wholesale new and used trucks and encourage all truck dealers to avail our promo. We give special price to those who are interested party to be part of our team as dealer.

Transports all over the Philippines

We are acquiring , maintaining , and operating a fleet of cargo trucks and other type of motor vehicle available to carry on the business of transporting trucking , or providing hauling services of goods , wares , merchandise , products , cargoes , movable properties or any king of commercial commodities on lease system or other kind of contractual arrangement within territorial limits.